The stone of the month of February: Amethyst

Everyone has a specific birthstone, depending on the month they were born. For those born in February, their birthstone is amethyst. The stone has a dark purple colour and is found in mines or manufactured in labs into different shapes…

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Enhance your personality with costume jewellery!

Available in many different materials and shapes, costume jewellery helps women create their own style. Depending on the personality and lifestyle of the person, she must choose the right jewellery. Indeed, one can learn about a person’s personality through the…

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What jewellery to offer for the baptism of a boy or a girl?

Baptism is a sacred family event that requires a certain nobility. To congratulate the child during this exceptional celebration, a memorable gift must be given. Jewelry is an ingenious idea because of its durability. For this reason, there are many…

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The virtues of crystals and semi-precious stones

Currently, lithotherapy is very successful all over the world. For some years now, in various countries, it has been practiced to cure several diseases. In fact, it is an alternative medicine that brings tranquility and happiness to each individual. Whether…

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Sale of accessories for jewellery creation online

You don’t always have to buy ready-to-wear jewelry. We can design it according to our preferences and style. All you need to do is learn about the necessary elements, the techniques for making your own costume jewellery and how to…

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