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Follow the sport while keeping only
its unusual and sensational side

It’s a way to look at sport in a different way and add a touch of humour to your day. Find all the unusual, offbeat and popular sports news as well as records and bizarre and unbelievable facts in football, basketball, tennis, cycling, Formula 1 and many other sports.

All the news from the world of animals that make the buzz

All the news from the world of animals that make the buzz

Latest buzz on cute and funny animals
Animals are often the stars of the news, whether it is funny, moving or tragic. Did you know that centipedes don’t really have a thousand legs, that dolphins see with sound, that marine iguanas can hold their breath for 15 minutes, or that female elephants lead the herd? Find the best amusing anecdotes about animals, little secrets and amazing fats to enrich your culture about the animal world.

Because Mother Nature always reserves beautiful surprises for us, we find the best for you. In the section dedicated to animals, you will find a small anthology of unusual anecdotes about our animal friends: cats, dogs, birds, felines, bees, frogs, koalas, dolphins, giraffes and many others on the menu. You won’t get bored because there are always new things on the menu.

Nail-sized chameleon, primate as big as a mouse, snake as thin as a thread, animals that can change sex or become invisible depending on the situation… All the secrets that nature reserves!

Practical life, the news of everyday life

For a better everyday life, staying up to date with some little tips can pay off. Ideas and advice to improve your daily life.

Facts and the latest trends in home design and decoration, real estate, insurance and other practical life topics.


Funny, strange or intriguing news
not to miss anything!


The best buzz stories on the web related to the geek and high-tech universe.

Miscellaneous Facts

Discover all the Buzz and the unusual news, leisure and original entertainment.

Real estate

The buzz and trends in the real estate sector that are making the show all over the world.

Video Games

Anything that is not part of our ordinary everyday life in the world of gaming and video games.
Health and medical innovations

Health and medical innovations

Discover a wealth of health knowledge, as unusual as it is useless, but which you can proudly tell around a table at dinner. Have fun with the most improbable anecdotes, although authentic, to be eaten … without moderation.

Our intestine is as big as a tennis court, we spend 25 years sleeping… The human body reserves several surprises that will amaze and astonish you. A lot of unusual information to discover on the theme of health and science of life.

Outstanding business ideas

The craziest business ideas aren’t necessarily the worst. Quite the contrary, because by looking for originality, you can stand out. Find examples of already existing unusual business ideas that can inspire you and more.

The offbeat news of the business world will certainly amuse you, but will also give you ideas and help you to finally take off and take the plunge. By consulting the business news, you will laugh, but you will feel more motivated than ever. It’s up to you!

Outstanding business ideas