serving an aperitif

The why and how of serving an aperitif

An aperitif is an alcoholic drink consumed before a meal. It can also be defined legally as a wine with not less than fifteen percent alcohol. Additionally, in some cultures, an aperitif is referred to as a social event that…

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Classic French cuisine: easy and unmissable dishes!

Many families serve traditional French dishes on the occasion of a special event or a day of festivities. These classic dishes are still very popular. Among the most popular traditional dishes are beef tartare with herbs, blanquette de beau and…

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The different types of Italian pasta

At the moment there are different types of Italian pasta. The length, the quality of the dough, the shape… everything is rigorously calculated so that the combination of dough and sauce is as pleasant as possible. This article shows you…

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Play cooking and restaurant games

Everyone loves to eat and some people dream of having their own restaurant. That’s why restaurant games appeal to young and old alike. In the kitchen and restaurant games you have the opportunity to fulfil this dream. Many online gaming…

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