The different types of Italian pasta

At the moment there are different types of Italian pasta. The length, the quality of the dough, the shape... everything is rigorously calculated so that the combination of dough and sauce is as pleasant as possible. This article shows you the different types of this pasta.

Tubular pasta

Italian pasta in the form of a tube can have rather varied aspects. Short or long, they can also have streaks in their outer appearance. Their use is likely to vary according to their size. They include the famous rigatoni, the most famous macaroni as well as all kinds of Penne, most often with a sauce as in au gratin dishes. Pasta lovers should know that there is a risotto restaurant in Italy that offers different gratin dishes to enjoy. Tube pasta can be the largest category of pasta. Whether the tubes are striped or not, short or long, at right angles or bevelled, you can choose between penne, rigatonis, zitis, ditalinis, macaroni, etc. For example, for the pines, they are striated, tubular, and are distributed at an angle to be identical to a goose feather. Be aware that the ridges are useful to help thinner vegetables and tomato sauces attach to pasta, ensuring better cohesion. You can combine them with an excellent classic carbonara sauce, or with pancetta. As for the rigatonis, they are striated and are larger than the penne. They are made of large short tubes with ridges on the sides. They are cut at right angles to the link of slanting cuts. Moreover, they are wonderful with vegetable sauces and are sometimes used for a gratin recipe in the southern region of Italy.

The long pasta

The long type of pasta is particularly served with sauces. The most popular are Spaghettini and Spaghetti, which are slightly thinner. In this type of pasta, it is also possible to classify some soup pasta into sticks. You can find Capellini, Vermicelli or other types of pasta such as Capelli d'angelo. These types of pasta are difficult to classify in a family that would make them more suitable for multiple recipes than others. However, as they are not perfect as a gratin or salad, they would be closer to pasta to be combined with dishes in sauce. Most recipes such as carbonara and bolognese are also directly combined with long pasta.

Pasta for stuffing

Among the different kinds of pasta, there is one that is different from the others: the stuffed pasta from Italy. The most popular types of pasta in the world are Ravioli and Canneloni. An Italian, on the other hand, will distinguish some ravioli that may be stuffed differently depending on the neighbourhood. Agnolotti and Mezzalune are more circular. Although the principle remains similar, only the aesthetics change. The stuffed pasta of Italy is made up of countless families. They delight the taste buds and the palate. Served hot, they revive stomachs and relieve cravings with their well-balanced ingredients. In the past, they were used for family gatherings and special occasions, but nowadays they are a typical and customary dish in Italy, with regional changes in the name of the pasta, the filling and the shape. Each district has its own speciality: tortelloni, ravioli, cappelletti, tortellini, pansotti and many others, in that there are several types of pasta made in this country according to regional food finds and recipes. In Italy, it is possible to find a pasta restaurant that presents its specialties, its Italian cuisine and especially its fresh pasta.
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