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architectural styles

How many types of architectural styles are there?

Memorable buildings are known to adopt certain architectural styles that are easily identifiable. A majority of these design elements are still in use as some firm of architects are using timeless principles of designs as a way of inspiring their…

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Good reasons to install a lifting station

Have you just built your new home? After having studied the nature of the land, you notice a difficulty with the arrival of water because of a slope? The solution to solve this is to install a lifting pump to…

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How to make a good choice of decoration for your kitchen?

Like the living rooms, the kitchen deserves a special decoration. Whether it be furniture or murals, a good choice is necessary to bring out the originality of the room. Depending on the decoration theme, you should choose suitable tones and…

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Modern or contemporary architecture, what’s the difference?

In architecture, there is often a tendency to confuse the terms modern and contemporary. It should be noted, however, that these two words are different from each other. Thus, modern architecture is not the same as contemporary architecture. Each of…

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What is ecological or eco-responsible architecture?

There are now a multitude of terms for an ecological house, including low-energy and sustainable house. Eco-responsible architecture, in particular, is a generalized term that encompasses various aspects of a home. However, in order to qualify as ecological, it must…

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