Modern or contemporary architecture, what’s the difference?

In architecture, there is often a tendency to confuse the terms modern and contemporary. It should be noted, however, that these two words are different from each other. Thus, modern architecture is not the same as contemporary architecture. Each of them has its own specificities.

Modernism in architecture

The term modern was associated with architectural style in the early 20th century. The concept is mainly based on the combination of art and technology to create design. Modern architecture breaks the superfluous of the past and expresses the essential. It has a style that is both class and design. Inside a modern home, the structures have a mechanical and rational style. Modern architecture often has a sculptural staircase. It is no longer just a ramp used to make a move. Architects and decorators are inspired by the creations of the great masters of modernism to create trendy works.

Contemporary architecture

Contemporary architecture, in turn, has its origins in modernism. This style mixes modernism with the architectural atmosphere of the 20s to 60s to create a unique design effect. Both ambitious and creative, contemporary architecture enhances the modern style by using new techniques and materials. Contemporary ambience shows creativity by combining raw resources such as wood with modern objects such as steel to create an impressive, yet classy piece of work. Contemporary architecture strives to go back to the source while trying to retain the reality of modern style. Architects must then use their sense of originality to create the successful effect of a contemporary home. The natural and vintage atmosphere is therefore a better ally of contemporary architecture.

Adaptability to any context

Although they are different from each other, modern architecture and contemporary housing are both trends. In rural areas as well as in city centres, these two architectural styles are popular with many occupants. Moreover, their construction is subject to the new rules of respect for the environment. Modern and contemporary homes are both environmentally friendly and design-conscious. They gain in energy performance while remaining ornaments for a locality. Depending on the personalisation you wish to achieve, it is possible to create a whole range of decorations. To accentuate the effects, the decorator can suggest objects adapted to the architectural style of a contemporary house. Combining raw materials with modern materials is well permitted with these two architectural styles.  
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