Glass ampoules

Glass ampoules: risks and benefits

Ampoules made of glass are commonly used to store and transport small quantities of liquids. They offer many benefits over other container types, but they also come with some risks. Benefits of glass ampoules include their low cost, durability, and…

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Vitamins and supplements that increase energy and fight fatigue

Do you always feel tired? Are you struggling to get through the day? If you’re looking for a way to boost your energy levels, you might be considering taking vitamins or supplements. While there’s no magic pill that will instantly…

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champagne tours

Guided Tours of the Reims Champagne Region

Today, there are over 100 independent guided tours available to explore this wonderful area, ranging from general walking tours to more specialized experiences that focus on one specific aspect such as art or architecture. But with so many different options…

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What machines are used in semiconductor manufacturing?

The digitization of appliances and automobiles has seen semiconductors used on almost any electronic equipment. These chips process digital inputs to enable the equipment to do its work. The complex parts require several processes to produce and test them to…

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National Council of Resistance of Iran

How many employees does National Council of Resistance of Iran have?

These committees serve on behalf of the government ministries. The body has a secretariat in Paris, which is administered by Mahnaz Salimian, the NCRI’s Senior Secretary along with Abolghasem Rezai the Deputy Senior Secretary. It is manned by five secretaries,…

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Make your children aware of the protection of aquatic animals while having fun

Awareness-raising for environmental protection is often done for the terrestrial fauna and flora. Endemic fauna that are threatened with extinction or rare fauna such as orchids or baobabs, for example. However, we rarely talk about aquatic fauna and flora. This…

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Crèche, nursery school, kindergarten: education doesn’t wait!

According to experts, educating a child from an early age would contribute to his or her academic success. Daycare and preschool would help future schoolchildren to integrate gradually into educational life. However, it is essential to develop a child-friendly educational…

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Baby feeding: how to feed your child properly?

Offering baby a healthy and balanced diet is important for his growth. From birth to the twelfth month, a child’s diet changes gradually. Baby needs to be taught balanced eating habits to ensure his growth and brain development. From breast…

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