Crèche, nursery school, kindergarten: education doesn’t wait!

According to experts, educating a child from an early age would contribute to his or her academic success. Daycare and preschool would help future schoolchildren to integrate gradually into educational life. However, it is essential to develop a child-friendly educational programme.

Physiological needs and educational games

Even before establishing a learning program for children, it is essential to address their primary needs. Especially in developing countries, care should be taken to ensure that all young children have a balanced diet. This will promote their growth and thus help them to stay healthy. The establishment of school canteens at the level of a crèche or nursery school is then indispensable. In addition, every school should provide toys to stimulate the intelligence of toddlers and kindergarten children. Recreation and activity days must be replenished.

The education of children, a parental responsibility

Educating young children in kindergarten or micro-crèche is not only the responsibility of schools. It is also the duty of parents. As soon as a child is born, parents must create a favourable living environment for the baby. Everything is learned gradually. Even before a child is assigned to a crèche or day-care centre, parents must familiarise the child with social skills. To do this, they can start by teaching the toddler good manners and rules of politeness. Noting that a well-civilized child will have a better chance of a successful life in the future. Education begins within the child's family. Parents are primarily responsible for the child's success in school.

Pre-school and communication with children, a project of developed countries

Developed countries such as the United States have emphasized that playing and communicating with one's child from time to time makes it easier for the child to attend school in the future. That is why large countries have chosen to introduce preschool. During this phase, children are led to cultivate their language, their observation skills and the stimulation of their intelligence. According to the studies of specialists, young children from developing countries hear fewer words than those from developed countries, whereas the listening session is very important for the stimulation of a child's intelligence. In order to overcome this delay, the establishment of a pre-school branch in underdeveloped countries would be an effective project.
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