Baby feeding: how to feed your child properly?

Offering baby a healthy and balanced diet is important for his growth. From birth to the twelfth month, a child's diet changes gradually. Baby needs to be taught balanced eating habits to ensure his growth and brain development.

From breast milk to the first meal

Normally, a baby should only drink breast milk until the 6th month of life. However, for several reasons, it is common for babies to drink both breast milk and artificial growth milk (or only the latter). Milk, whether natural or artificial, is essential for babies until at least two years of age. From six months of age, a child should start on a baby diet. Because each child is unique, a paediatrician or child nutritionist should be consulted to determine the right diet for your baby. In any case, specialists will recommend foods that promote growth: fruits, vegetables, legumes, meat...

Dietary diversification, essential for baby

It is not uncommon to see babies who are not ready to put spoons in their mouths until they are twelve months old. This reaction is completely normal. Breast milk or formula is a baby's staple diet until his or her first birthday. Milk is food for newborns.

Solid foods for babies

The introduction of solid food takes place after the twelfth month when the baby has been teething. However, you should try to introduce certain foods gradually from the sixth month of life. To start, parents can start with eggs (only the yolk) and meat. These two foods can be alternated from the sixth and seventh months of baby's life. They can also be replaced by fish. However, it should be noted that a baby should not eat more than one egg yolk per week. Egg white will only be introduced between the child's ninth and twelfth months. In addition, cooked vegetables (potatoes, squash, melons, leeks, spinach, green salads, cauliflower, asparagus, artichokes, carrots, celery...) should be emphasized in baby's meals in the order of two to three times a day. It should be remembered that breast milk or growth milk should be offered continuously, at least until the baby is two years old. Noting that diversification of baby's diet is essential to promote growth.
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