How do I buy term trailer insurance online?

Even without an engine, the trailer is a compartment that can be a source of accidents. It is therefore essential to insure it properly in order to travel legally. However, if you only drive the trailer for a single trip or for occasional use, taking out temporary insurance is the solution. In addition to helping you save money thanks to its affordable price, temporary trailer insurance can also be taken out more easily and quickly than a traditional annual insurance contract.

How does temporary trailer insurance work?

Like all temporary contract plans, temporary trailer and semi-trailer insurance is short-term coverage that insures the vehicle for a period of time determined when the agreement is signed. Coverage can range from one day to 90 days depending on your needs and the use of your trailer. Be sure to estimate the period of coverage you need to avoid renewing your policy and thus inflating your trailer insurance budget. The real advantage of this formula is certainly the fact that on the expiry date of the contract, you will not need to undertake long and arduous administrative procedures to cancel it. The guarantees are automatically cancelled. In addition, the underwriting stages have been made easier, as have the documents to be provided: copy of the licence and vehicle registration papers and the trailer papers. Highly appreciated by occasional or punctual drivers, temporary trailer insurance allows to insure several types of trailers: . Coverage of the trailer without the vehicle that pulls it: trailer with a weight between 750 and 7,000 kg. . Trailer cover without truck: trailer drawn by a truck or semi-trailer drawn by a tractor . Trailer coverage with truck or vehicle to insure the towing car and the trailer in the same or separate policy, depending on your request.

When to take out provisional insurance? What are the eligibility conditions to know?

Not all temporary trailer and semi-trailer insurance is available to all vehicles and drivers. Indeed, certain conditions must be met to be eligible for this form: . Driver between 23 and 90 years old . Holder of the appropriate licence, i.e. licence B (under 3500 kg) and licence E (vehicle over 3500 kg). . No car accident resulting in property damage (2 years prior to subscription) or personal injury (3 years prior to subscription). . No driving history: serious traffic offence, licence suspension or withdrawal, cancellation for non-payment of insurance premiums . . Prefecture-registered trailer for vehicles over half a ton When a trailer does not move, it is not mandatory to take out insurance. If it has to be driven on public roads, the vehicle must be covered, hence the interest of provisional insurance. You will indeed have the opportunity to insure the trailer only during an exceptional displacement: moving, transport of goods from one border to another, transport of heavy materials or car ... Since the purchase will only be for a short period of time, the insurance premiums will be lower than if you were to pay for a conventional annual auto insurance policy. Insuring a trailer with an annual policy will be a waste of money, especially if you only drive it infrequently or periodically. However, if your trailer needs to be used regularly, temporary insurance may not always be the ideal solution.

How do I buy term insurance online?

Today's Internet offers countless possibilities and paperless services designed to make your life easier on a daily basis. Indeed, if you used to have to go to a branch to sign your provisional insurance contract, today you can take out your insurance directly online. In addition to saving you from having to travel and disrupt your schedule, online subscription also avoids unnecessary expenses. To take out temporary insurance online, you'll need a connected device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and visit the website of the insurance company of your choice. Before signing the agreement, remember to check the eligibility conditions, the services and guarantees included in the contract or the rates offered by the agency. The subscription will consist of filling in a form, a subscription or a registration depending on the insurers and websites, in any case, it will be easy and quick. You will then have to download the documents required to validate the subscription. The company will then study your file and send an email back. You can take out the subscription even if the vehicle is parked in another country. To make it easier for you to choose an insurance company or offer, you can use the online insurance comparators to find the right package for each of your needs and budget. They are usually free of charge, but can be a great help in your research and decision-making.

What are the guarantees offered by term trailer insurance?

Since temporary insurance is only for a short period of time, it usually only covers third party liability coverage. This is indeed the minimum cover you need to have in order to travel freely and legally on European roads. The civil liability guarantee allows you to benefit from coverage in the event of damage caused to others. With this cover, the costs of repairing material damage following an incident will not be at your expense. It also covers compensation for physical injury caused to a third party or a road user (passenger, pedestrian, cyclist...). If the civil liability guarantee is the basic cover, other offers can however be included in the temporary insurance such as the legal protection guarantee (payment of legal fees in the event of a dispute with a third party) or the assistance and breakdown service guarantee (payment of breakdown service and towing of the vehicle if necessary). However, these coverages may involve a higher insurance premium, so make sure you have enough money in your budget before taking out these additional coverages.
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