How to insure a vintage motorcycle?

Some models from the biggest and most famous motorcycle manufacturers are currently considered mythical emblems that have marked the life story of motorcycles from their first appearance to the present day. In this sense, if you have the privilege of being an owner of a classic two-wheeler or an antique motorcycle, consider yourself lucky! But at the same time, you should also know that the question of motorcycle insurance is crucial. Especially since an exceptional motorcycle, a rare model deserves a warranty and coverage carefully adapted to the use you make of it. With this in mind, this article provides you with various tips on how to properly insure your classic motorcycle.

What exactly is a classic motorcycle?

Before talking about insurance for classic motorcycles, it's important to take stock of what a classic motorcycle really is. It's actually a two-wheeled motorcycle that was first produced in the 1970s. More precisely, a collector's motorcycle refers to any type of two-wheeler that is more than 30 years old and that has particularly marked the stages in the evolution of mopeds. Having said that, you have just offered yourself an atypical motorcycle model that you are so passionate about. You may think that this one is probably part of the list of motorcycles considered as collector's two-wheelers. Indeed, if the characteristics of your motorbike meet those defined by the federation, or if it is a rare model, it can thus be raised to the rank of collector's vehicles. If this is the case, the FFVE undertakes to issue you with a registration certificate or a collector's motorcycle registration document. The latter will then allow you to take out a collector's motorcycle insurance policy with the company of your choice.

Criteria for obtaining a collector's motorcycle insurance policy

In practice, each insurance group is free to determine the rules and criteria for taking out collector's motorcycle insurance. However, certain criteria are considered universal, i.e. common to all insurers. Among these are, for example, the possession of a collector's motorcycle registration document, the age of the owner, etc. In this respect, the applicant for collector's motorcycle insurance must be at least 21 years old. They must also hold an A licence that has been valid for more than 3 years. Apart from this, the policyholder must also not have a history of misdriving or an accident at least during the two years prior to taking out collector's motorcycle insurance. In addition, insurance companies also require that the policyholder have an alternative means of transportation for daily errands. In fact, the collector's motorcycle should rarely be taken out of the garage for recreational use only, such as exhibitions, workshops dedicated to two-wheelers, etc.

Coverage and guarantees offered by classic motorcycle insurance

This type of insurance fully covers the motorcycle and the driver himself. Specifically, the contract contains at least the civil liability cover, the least of the cover and guarantees required by the regulations. However, given the value of the motorcycle, since it is a collector's item, the ideal solution is to take out an insurance package that offers more extensive guarantees and cover. In this context, you can, for example, opt for an all-risk package at the time of purchase. Whether it's bodily injury, collision, theft or fire, the all-risk package offers maximum coverage for you and your property. Apart from these classic features, insurance for vintage motorcycles has its own special features. One of them is the low premium for two-wheelers, for the simple reason that motorcyclists only use their motorcycles occasionally. The reason for this is that motorcyclists use their motorcycles only occasionally. If you are very careful on the road, because of the value of the motorcycle, the risk of accidents is lower. In addition, collector's motorcycle insurance also differs from other types of insurance in its premium for compensation in the event of theft or damage to property.

Insure your classic motorcycle online, the best solution

Now you know the importance of buying insurance for vintage motorcycles. All you have to do now is find a group of insurers who can offer you a maximum of guarantees and coverages with a better quality/price ratio. To do this, go directly to the web. The latter offers you the privilege of easily taking out a collector's motorcycle insurance package adapted to your needs. Indeed, the majority of companies have a website on which they highlight their best insurance offers, so that you can easily identify the one that suits you best. However, since coverage and guarantees differ widely from one insurance company to another, you are then advised to compare several contracts online in order to select the best insurance offer at the best value for money.
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