The virtues of crystals and semi-precious stones

Currently, lithotherapy is very successful all over the world. For some years now, in various countries, it has been practiced to cure several diseases. In fact, it is an alternative medicine that brings tranquility and happiness to each individual. Whether it is on the physical, mental or spiritual level, you have the perfect opportunity to turn to the practice of semi-precious stones to relax. Simply wear them as an ornament on a piece of jewellery or put them as a decoration in the room. However, lithotherapy is also considered an old ancestral method that the ancients used as a therapy against several diseases. According to scientists' research, it may have been practiced for the first time millions of years ago. But it was not until the beginning of the twentieth century that it was recognized as reliable, despite the fact that there has not yet been any scientific proof. It is important to know that there are different types of stones and that they come from many countries. Each of them has particular benefits and you will have to choose one according to your condition. What are the different virtues as well as the powers of semi-precious stones for humans according to each type?

Benefits of Agate and Aquamarine

Agate is one of the most used semi-precious stones of the moment. It is a stone that reflects respect. In fact, it is for this reason that if you wear it, it will certainly give you the courage and strength to continue on your way. That said, in case you find yourself in a difficult time, wearing a piece of jewellery with agate is a good idea. This stone will help you regain your self-confidence at the same time. And if you find it hard to make a decision, it will certainly lead you on the right path. On the physical side, you can strengthen your immune system with this stone. You will also be able to fight hair loss and infections. According to several testimonies, agate is also an effective stone to treat sore throats. And during pregnancy, it helps women to decrease hormonal changes. There is also aquamarine which is very much practiced nowadays. Here, it is a communication stone. If you have difficulty expressing yourself or if you want to learn how to communicate in public, having some is a better idea. Indeed, this stone helps you to communicate smoothly and allows you to easily find the words during your speeches. For couples, it may help both partners to regain love and trust. On a physical level, aquamarine is effective in the fight against respiratory problems. And, for people with heart disease, this stone is of great use in improving blood circulation. However, during travel, it is also used to relieve a little bit of seasickness and motion sickness.

The virtues of amazonite and amethyst

If you want to know the virtues of semi-precious stones, don't forget amazonite and amethyst. Amazonite has existed for millions of years. Different people know this stone as a source of joyful energy. However, for people who are pessimistic and tend to see evil everywhere, wearing this stone at once or having it in the bedroom is a good idea. Besides, this stone can help you to recover your mood easily. Various people use it to regain their childlike spirit. And if you also find it difficult to express your emotions to your loved ones, wearing one is a better idea. Going through complicated moments is also part of people's lives. Sometimes forgetting the past is no easy task. That's why with this stone it becomes easier to do so. In some situations, this stone is also used to eliminate bad vibes and negative thoughts. As for amethyst, people all over the world practice it in order to calm the mind. As an example, if you have difficulty controlling your anger or emotions, having this stone is a better option. And for artists, the stone helps to boost creativity. For the physical side, amethyst helps to get rid of addictions. For example, if you are addicted to certain substances that are harmful to your health such as drugs, caffeine or other, it helps you a lot. Indeed, it is a kind of detoxification product. If you have frequent headaches, you also have the possibility of practicing lithotherapy.

Apatite and aventurine: the benefits of having them

The powers of semi-precious stones such as apatite and aventurine are also numerous. For women, apatite is very helpful for weight loss. Indeed, wearing this stone may be ideal if you want to reduce your appetite. And for people who are starting to age, the risk of joint pain is high. But with this stone, the risks are reduced. Besides, if you already have pain in your bones, having apatite at home is a good alternative. However, on the market, this stone exists in several colours. It is important to note that when it is blue, it has the ability to fight against cancer. Indeed, it contributes to the cellular structuring. For children, having some is also useful because it allows them to have hyperactivity. With aventurine, know that you have the possibility to improve your inner peace of mind. If by chance you have a health problem with your heart, having some is also necessary. And for people who are shy and have a tendency to be dominated by others, this stone helps to have self-confidence. For people who are concerned about their body and skin health, it is important to note that the use of aventurine is also essential.

Properties of chrysocolla and citrine

Among the properties of the stones to be known, there are also those of the chrysocolla. This stone is considered to be a stone of serenity which consists in helping an individual to free himself from his guilt as well as from all other negative emotions. For example, jealousy, regret, etc.. For individuals who are afraid of change and have difficulty coping after a bad time, having it is also necessary. In fact, if you have difficulty expressing your emotions and feelings to someone you love, you can also have some. Note that this stone has a neutral color. And it is possible that thanks to this colour, it may be able to help you cure lung diseases. You may also have citrine in your home. This is a lustrous Quartz with a yellow-orange color. The colour is closer to the colour of gold. It is good luck to have it with you. This is why various people consider it the stone of success. If you want to succeed in your life, don't hesitate to get some. Apart from that, this stone also helps to protect the body as well as the mind from various diseases. And if you occasionally have trouble sleeping or if you have nightmares most of the time, this stone is ideal for you. Whether you wear it on your jewellery or use it as a decoration at home, the benefits are the same.

Choosing the right stones for your needs

There are still other stones that are very effective in preserving physical and mental health. There is for example the Garnet which helps to fight against fatigue. There is also jade which helps to make the right decision. It is also considered a stone of wisdom. And we must not forget the obsidian, which is a perfect shield to fight against negative energies. If you have traumas, this stone can help you to get rid of them easily. To make the right choice, it is useful for you to know the advantages of each stone. To do this, you can go to a lithotherapy shop and ask the advice of an expert or the salesman. Note also that all stones have something in common. In fact, each of them helps to preserve health and eliminate negative waves. Basically, lithotherapy certainly helps you to have a better vision of your life. It allows you to cope with difficulties and at the same time to relax when you are stressed or tired.
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