The stone of the month of February: Amethyst


Everyone has a specific birthstone, depending on the month they were born. For those born in February, their birthstone is amethyst. The stone has a dark purple colour and is found in mines or manufactured in labs into different shapes depending on its use. Most people associated the stone with power because it was mainly in collections of European and Asian royal families. However, today, anyone can buy the stone to give to the king or queen they admire. Or, buy it to reward special people in their lives, especially anyone who was born in February. Wearing it throughout the month symbolizes personal empowerment and inner strength. It gives you all the desired strength and can be the best crystal stone you can give to a love one born in February.

What You Need to Know About the February Birthstone

The gemstone comes from amethystos, which is a Greek name meaning a solution against drunkenness. When the Greeks first discovered the stone, they associated it with Bacchus, the god of wine, because of its colour. Most of them also believed that wearing the stone could enable them to make faster and informed decisions when they went out to battle and ran their businesses. Some Europeans also believed that the stone was the perfect remedy to calm lovers overran by passion. This believes did come to pass when one had the stone that is when it become popular.

Some people often give the gem to couples celebrating their 6th to 17th wedding anniversaries. The trend started after people realized how the gem necklaces and earrings made every occasion special after several royals wore them to different occasions. They had a very good feeling after occasion and this is what brought the believe that when it is given to couples then it will bring the some feeling .Royal families have been wearing different lavish jewellery since Alexander the Great was in power.

Different Places You Can Find the Stone

When the first people discovered the stone, most of the miners got it from Russia. However, after some time, miners discovered more deposits in Brazil, which is still one of the major suppliers of the stone. That enabled more people born in February to own the precious gem. The discovery of more large deposits has continued over the years, including in Africa and South America, the leading suppliers of the rolled stones today. Brazilian gemstones are significantly different from those from other countries. For example, they are lighter and bigger. Some are so large that people can stand on them. Bolivia is also another leading supplier of natural stone. The mines in the country were discovered by a Spanish citizen who had relocated to the country. He received the mine as bride price after marrying a Bolivian princess.

Africa's largest amethyst gem stone mines are located in Zambia. The mines produce the best stones that have good quality and richly saturated colours. The United States also has mines that produce some of the best crystals. The stones have a dark purple and purplish-red colour. Even though the mine is located in a remote area with challenging conditions, miners endure all the challenges when they go mining in the area.

How to Take Care of the Stone

Gemstones have good quality making them one of the best materials to manufacture silver ring and other jewellery. Coating the jewellery with the stone protects them against wear and tear. However, like most of the other jewellery materials, the stone, wear out over time. Therefore, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in top shape. Besides, you should avoid placing your jewellery next to harder stones because they can damage it. That is because the natural stone is not as hard as diamonds, rubies, and other harder gems. Being a valuable stone make sure you are protecting your stone. It is a natural material thus not readily available material therefore maintenance and protection is key.

There are different strategies used to improve the quality and colour of the precious stone. One of them is heat treatment, which makes crystals darker or lighter depending on their original colour during mining. The process also helps to remove any patches to give the stone a balanced colour. However, overheating the stone can damage it. Thus, it is advisable to heat it under moderate temperatures to prevent damaging its sharp corners and edges, compromising the crystal's quality. Besides, treating the crystals with intense heat can change their entire colour. Even though the original pigment will eventually stabilize, it might take time, and you might have lost interest in your crystal. It is also advisable to clean your crystal regularly, preferably with a soft brush and mild soap. When all the steps are taken in consideration you will have your stone in good shape and colour for the longest time. All the natural materials need a lot of protection because from the nature they were found.

The original and lab-created February birthstones are almost similar. Both have the same chemical and physical properties and it might require advanced geological testing to distinguish between a natural stone from a synthetic one. However, the process takes time and is quite expensive. Therefore, if you don't have the time and resources, you can only rely on what the merchant tells you because they know whether their crystals are natural or synthetic.

Some Myths and Facts about the Stone of the Month of February

1. The stone's origin goes back to when Greek gods drank from containers with the gems to prevent drunkenness.

2. Some people prefer the stone to Saint Valentine because the famous lover once wore a ring made from precious stone.

3. The crystal gained popularity when royal families started wearing rich purple clothes and wore gems and accessories made from the February birthstone.

4. For the first few years after its discovery, the crystal was very expensive, and only a few people could afford them. However, the situation changed after miners started mining the stone in large amounts in Brazil.

5. The crystal changes colour when exposed to direct sunlight for a high temperature for a long time.

6. Many people who buy the crystal today believe that wearing it gives them peace, courage, focus and demonstrates royalty. Besides, they believe that buying their loved ones anything made from February Birthstones is the best way to show romance and affection.

How to Identify a Quality Stone of the Month of February

Amethyst is one of the most precious quartz in the market today. Initially, the crystal was only available to financially stable families. However, its availability and affordability in the market have made it one of the first choice materials for jewellery manufacturers. That has significantly increased the stone's popularity globally. Here's how to identify a quality stone of the month of February.


The best stone of the month of February should have a reddish-purple colour. Some reputable dealers prefer crystals with this colour over dark purple ones as long as their shade does not reduce brightness. In most cases, very dark crystals look black under dim lighting, making them lose their quality. Brown, bronze or other colour shades on a stone of the month of February reduces its value dramatically. Crystals that display a weak light colour or strong zones of darker or lighter purple colour also indicate that they don't have good quality. When identifying whether a crystal is authentic, it's advisable to place it against a white background. That reveals any other shades in the stone. The stone looks beautiful when it is maintained in its original colour nevertheless it will not stop giving the some value that it does to anyone but as a precious stone you have to protect it.


Most of the crystals in the market are very clear. Therefore, it is hard to determine their clarity using naked eyes. Stones from Africa, however, are more saturated than those from Brazil. But, they have a unique colour that makes them look more attractive. As a result, many manufacturers prefer to use them when manufacturing decorative beads. That is because the beads fetch a good price in the market.


Gemstones come in different sizes to meet different clients' requirements. Besides, different styles are available in the market, and the price per piece does not rise drastically with larger sizes you can negotiate your price.

You now have a clear understanding of a stone that has enchanted different royal families for years. Today the crystal is readily available, and you should consider buying one for a special person in your life as a birthday gift if they were born in February.

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