Which women’s basketball model to choose to have feet in comfort

To feel good in your sneakers, it's best to choose them that are practical and easy to wear. Choose your sneakers by keeping these three criteria in mind: comfortable, supple and lightweight shoes.

Comfortable women's sneakers: protect your feet, cushion your steps!

Low or high sneakers, the urban style has for leitmotiv the comfort of our feet. First of all, to choose fashionable and comfortable women's sneakers, take into account the shoes you are wearing, so that you can choose the models adapted to the width of your feet. Wide shoe, standard shoe or thin shoe, your sneakers must fit the morphology of your feet for a good comfort and above all, a smooth, pain-free walk. Next, choose sneakers that cushion your steps and maintain your feet' balance while walking. For example, some models of comfortable walking sneakers have removable padded insoles and air-cushioned outsoles. The removable insole can also be replaced with orthotics if needed. In the same spirit of comfort, the padded collar protects the ankles and heels for good support during walking and running. Models with light heels or arches have the advantage of supporting the arch of the foot: the blood circulates better and the foot does not get tired. Finally, for long walks, opt for non-slip soles for maximum safety.

Comfortable women's basketball: flexible and practical!

The flexible women's basketball model allows you to wear models adapted to walking. When it comes to practicality, the women's sneaker with velcro closure is the perfect choice. Easy, quick and comfortable closing system, the scratch will not bother you during your travels. Some models also offer a zip on the outside so that the foot enters the shoe easily, or a system for adjusting and closing the shoes with the laces, or comfort elastics that you can see on the sides of the shoe. Sneakers with velcro tabs are also a good choice among the comfortable and practical models.

Soft sneakers for women: keep your sneakers supple!

Full grain leather, fantasy leather, synthetic leather, nubuck, suede, canvas: always make sure that the material of your sneakers is supple so as not to hinder your feet or stiffen your steps. If you are going to use your pairs for long walks or strolls, it is important to choose breathable materials beforehand so as not to compress your feet. To keep your shoes comfortable, anatomically correct and supple, it is also important to take good care of them on a daily basis. Finally, keep the freshness and elegance of the leather of a comfortable sneaker for walking thanks to regular maintenance: dusting with a damp cloth or a scraper, cleaning with a nourishing milk, polishing with a shoe brush!
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