What is the solution for recessing several sockets in the worktop?

Connecting electrical appliances in your workplace can be a problem. To make your life easier, opt for built-in power strips. Equipped with surge or lightning arresters, they protect against network problems such as lightning, short circuits, voltage drops or peaks. The increase in the number of electrical appliances requires the installation of several power outlets. To remedy this, the multi-socket outlet is the simplest, quickest and most effective solution. It is therefore necessary to know how to choose the multi-socket outlet according to its use and location.

Built-in socket outlets and multiple socket outlets for kitchens

Would you need to plug in all your electrical appliances while cooking? The multi-socket outlet or kitchen worktop socket is your solution. Made of durable Zinc and Steel alloy, the plug helps save space. Excellent design, this plug block can be hidden under furniture, on the wall or in the corners of the kitchen. Its 80 mm diameter allows it to be discreet and retractable.  Easy to use, the multi-socket outlet can be built into the kitchen worktop and is necessary for your electrical utensils. Just press down with your thumb and the terminal lifts up to retract after use. The box protects against fire and incidents. There are several types of built-in power strips. The built-in kitchen worktop power strip fits all household equipment such as the refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, washing machine, kitchen utensils and fan.

Choosing the right outlets for your office or bedroom

At the bar, to keep your workspace clean and tidy, the built-in power strip is perfect. It helps reduce space and prevents clutter from extension cords on the floor. It blends perfectly into the surface of your desk with its neat, stainless steel design. Depending on your needs, the flush-mounted socket outlet can stay on or under your bar with a simple press of a finger and plugs directly into the number of outlets available. This room allows you to have several outlets in the same place depending on the model. You take advantage of its USB inputs at the same time to charge portable equipment and mobile electronic devices. It's even better if you use socket strips to ensure the safety of your loudspeaker. This type of tool helps you in the layout of your establishment. With a desktop power strip, you can have all your sources in one place. You can attach all your electrical installations to it on one level. This way you only have to protect your source by using the worktop socket outlet block. The worktop socket outlet block is ideal for changing the optimization of your worktop. It is a great help to reduce your space and tidy up your bedroom or office. These power strips can be hidden under the table with a simple push of a button. This built-in power strip fits all household equipment such as TV, radio, computer and fan as well as your portable equipment. It is an indispensable tool whether it is recessed horizontally or vertically or in a triangular shape. You should have several appliances in your room. For your personal satisfaction, you need to have the best electrical accessories in your possession. For television, you need outlets. To properly arrange your dressing room, it is safer to use recessed outlets. You can also opt for multi-sockets to channel the current to a single source point. That way, you'll have plenty of space to make it your personal work surface. With good quality accessories, you and your loved ones will be safe from domestic accidents. It is well known that most fatal accidents are household accidents. That is why it is very important to use good quality built-in worktop sockets.

Insurance for the electrical equipment in your bathroom

The bathroom is an essential part of your home. This room has several electrical installations to connect the water points at the tap, bath or shower, bidet and toilet. The built-in multi-socket outlet allows you to connect your electrical appliances in one place such as sockets, electric shaver, hair dryers, towel dryers, switches, water heater. To ensure your safety, the respect of electrical standards remains essential. In order to make the most of all these accessories for use in the bathroom, opt for the built-in multi-socket outlet. It allows you to switch lights and fixtures on and off in complete safety. The lightning arrester linked to this socket outlet adapts to humid places.  It is well known by everyone that water is one of the best electrical conductors. To better protect yourself from the risk of electrocution in your own home, make sure that your electrical accessories are of the best quality. Be aware that flush-mounted sockets are the most guaranteed for your survival. If you're not sure what type of plugs or receptacles to buy at your store, it's always very practical to call in a professional. It's important to consult a connoisseur or, if possible, technicians who specialize in this type of installation.
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