What jewellery to offer for the baptism of a boy or a girl?

Baptism is a sacred family event that requires a certain nobility. To congratulate the child during this exceptional celebration, a memorable gift must be given. Jewelry is an ingenious idea because of its durability. For this reason, there are many choices in terms of materials and designs. Personalized designs are very popular.

Gold, a great classic

Gold remains the most popular material when it comes to noble materials. Offering gold earrings or bracelets is quite correct when a child is christened, gold christening jewellery always pleases the parents. Indeed, gold is a sign of nobility. This material has been recognized since antiquity as a precious and rare commodity. Receiving a gift in gold is like a supreme bliss for the holder. Child baptism, although an important event for Christians, is a favourable time to offer a golden gift. Moreover, this material possesses essential qualities: resistance to weathering, unalterability and invariability over time.

Silver, second only to gold

After gold jewellery, silver christening jewellery is the second choice of godparents for their godchild. Like gold, silver is a material that is both noble and durable. Moreover, it is less affordable on the market. Offering a silver accessory for a Christian religious baptism is common. When looking for jewellery for a boy's baptism, for example, a silver bracelet is a better choice. Depending on the case, it is possible to personalize the bracelet. For example, the initial or first name of the child can be engraved on the jewel.

Possible variations

With regard to the shapes or types of jewellery for the christening of a girl or a boy, there are several possible choices. The religious medal is a better option. It is available in different designs: the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Saints, angels...Then there is the bracelet. This one is an interesting choice because it comes in several minion sizes. Depending on the sex or personality of the future owner, it is possible to create a personalized and unique design. The bracelet can be decorated with a pendant. Among others, there is the baptism chain. To be worn around the neck, this chain is an undeniable choice for a child's baptism. The baptism chain can be made of gold or silver.
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